Study Creative Tech for free in West Auckland

12 May


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In July you can study alongside industry at Click Creative Studios in Avondale!

Click Creative Studios recently partnered with the multi-award winning Media Design School, to bring fees-free study in creative tech to West Auckland.

There are two incredible opportunities available at Click Studios starting on 18 July 2022:

The first is a 12 month foundation course – the Digital Creative Foundation programme, Level 4. Suitable for rangitahi living in West Auckland and the surrounding areas wanting to pursue a career in creative tech. This programme introduces learners to game development, animation and digital design and sets them up for a career in creative technologies.

The second is a 24 month part-time graduate certificate course – the Graduate Certificate in Creative Technologies, Level 7. Ideal for full time working adults with either a bachelors degree or relevant professional experience in a creative technologies domain. This programme combines elements of design, software, computing and art to enable learners to refine their skills in 3D animation and visual effects, interactive, web design, graphic design, motion graphics or VR/AR.

Both programmes are eligible for fees-free, and loans/allowances.

The sky is the limit with these programmes and we are so excited to make our space and technology available to those who want to study. Taught by Media Design School’s industry experts via Click Studios in Avondale, you will be provided with the learning space and technology to support your studies.

All you need to bring is that can do attitude and an ambition to learn.

For more info you can email [email protected] or if you’d just like to check out the space, we’re always here to chat.

Details on these programmes can be found via Media Design School’s website:
Click Studios Press Release:
Digital Creative Foundation Programme (FEES FREE):
Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies: