Hweiling Ow: the uncensored brain of a filmmaker

8 Oct


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During a sheltered upbringing in Malaysia, Hweiling Ow spent her time watching movies from Hong Kong, Hollywood and Bollywood “there was nothing else for me to do”. Since moving to Aotearoa, Ow has worked as a writer, producer, director and actor, often needing to “compartmentalise the producer brain” when it’s time for the creative. With a particular interest in making horror and fantasy, Ow’s credits include producing and acting in fantasy web series AFK, creating horror shorts T is for Talk and Vaspy, and acting in Netflix fantasy drama Sweet Tooth. In this ScreenTalk interview, Ow discusses the imagination of an “uncensored brain”, learning about oneself through acting, and not having a backup plan.

Check out the full interview and video here: